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Dear Mx Lonelyhearts’,

We are looking for prose, poems, letters or notes – addressed to Mx Lonelyhearts (after the famed literary agony aunt)

Maybe you have a tale of woe, failure or mishap, of misplaced love, a misunderstanding or a mistake – tell Mx Lonelyhearts. Perhaps you have nothing to say or too much. Maybe you want to rant or cry or just write it out – here’s the place. Tell Mx Lonelyhearts. Maybe this is something you’ve never told anyone or can’t tell anyone. Maybe this is the first or last letter (we hope not!) that you write.

We don’t want you to overthink it — just sit down, type and send it in. We are ready to read. We want words that speak to us directly, unnerve us, make us weep or laugh. Something straight from the heart. A page or two is enough. Maybe one sentence – if that’s all it takes. Write it now - we want to say yes.

*This is conceived as an interactive anthology, so be advised, Mx Lonelyhearts may reply.

Visit our submittable page for full information. 

We look forward to reading. Deadline 31st January 2023.

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Submission information
The submission/admin fee is $3 Anyone who can not afford this, please get in touch via our website.

Page limit is 5 pages.
All submissions should be anonymous. Your name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript – unless it is a part of the manuscript.
All submissions should be made via our submittable portal.
Please provide very brief biographical and publication information in the space provided
If you wish to edit or alter your manuscript, please contact us to allow your submission to be edited on submittable. 

Each work selected for publication will receive a nominal fee of at least £20.

Submissions close Dec 31st 2022
Decisions will be made within 4 months of closing date.
No feedback will be provided for unsuccessful submissions.

Black Sunflowers Poetry Press